Ashley Graham shows off ‘ripped’ gym session photo with husband

No workout is complete without a selfie!

Ashley Graham and her husband, Justin Ervinmay not always go to the gym together, but they know how to keep it fun when they do train for their schedules.

The model, 35, shared a behind-the-scenes selfie with Ervin showing the aftermath of the couple’s recent workout session on Instagram.

In an instant, Graham rocked a black bodysuit and simple silver jewelry, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, while her husband opted to go shirtless, posing in just a pair of black athletic shorts. As evidenced by the shot, neither of them was wearing shoes.

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The candid photo was shared alongside the playful caption, “both ripped, both have boob sweats.”

But even with their sweaty clothes and tousled hair, fans couldn’t help but admire their good looks and the beautiful gym they were seen in.

“Is that your house!!?? I would love a home gym like that,” admitted one adoring fan.

“Nice gym.. 👍🏽💪🏽 Hotel/resort or your own at the house?” asked a second Instagram user.

Someone else joked that they were in the “Ritz Carlton” of gyms.

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Others couldn’t help but poke fun at Ervin’s exhausted nature, “Justin’s face is my mood all the time 🤣,” one teased.

“Hubby has the face, ‘Again, Ash?..’ 😂😂😂,” another joked, adding a separate comment, “Mr.

Despite what fans call Ervin’s reluctance to enjoy the selfies documenting the couple’s fitness journey, the two are still very much in love, even after 13 years of marriage and welcoming three kids: Isaac3, followed by 1-year-old twins, Roman and Malachi.

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On New Years Eve, Graham shared an adorable photo of her husband playing with the couple’s toddlers, along with a sweet birthday message, “happy birthday hubby, love life with you ❤️‍🔥🎂 @mrjustinervin .”

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While the parents rarely share photos of their kids, Graham made another exception for the twins’ birthday, posting a handful of never-before-seen images documenting some of their firsts alongside a heartwarming message:which you can view on Instagram.

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