Dennis Schröder has an uneasy reaction to the Lakers trade for Rui Hachimura

Now that seemingly every NBA player has a podcast, Dennis Schröder has recognized an inefficiency of the market: Sure, we could listen to an hour-long recording of him talking to a co-host about how much fun he’s having this season, but that would not happen. How more immersive is it to see him react in real time to Kendrick Nunn’s shipment to Washington DC, along with two second-round picks and a second-round swap in exchange for Rui Hachimura?

If the latest clip from his stream is any indication, it’s a worthy effort, as this is absolutely mesmerizing, must-see footage:

For those who can’t watch with the sound on the clip starts with Dennis learning more about the details of the trade in the comment section which for the less Gen-Z leaning among us I understand it’s really just the Woj or Shams alerts from Twitch streams.

“What trade? moult? Oh no. Not really. Moult for Kendrick Nunn? Oh my God. I need to text Rui. I need to text Kendrick Nunn.”

After Dennis got up from his desk setup, we get a seamless jumpcut to him already sitting back in his chair, after which he said the following:

“That’s crazy dude. The NBA, it’s a business. Disturbed.”

Who needs post-game press conferences or player-hosted podcasts when you can get this kind of unfiltered, candid response to a colleague getting banned in real-time from the Washington Wizards on Schröder’s stream? I don’t, that’s for sure. I will only visit Dennis Schroder on Twitch for all my future NBA news and analysis needs.

The only other thing I know? I’ll be sure to help Dennis with one subscriber to his daily goal of 100. At least, as soon as I can figure out how Twitch works.

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